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Retail Therapy in Bangor

May 28/29, 2016

Our last two days - we stopped in Portsmouth, NH (no taxes!) on the way to Bangor and went into the Walmart Super Center - picked up 7 cases of pop(!) along with lots of goodies we can't get at home. We went into Kittery to some of the outlet stores and stopped at my fav bakery - When Pigs Fly - they have an amazing variety of breads. It was quite hot again and when we arrived in Portland we popped into the Maine Mall, then arrived in Bangor around 6pm. There was an Olive Garden not too far from our motel, and since we don't have them at home,we decided to go. I don't mind their food - we def left stuffed!

The next morning we popped into a Walmart that was near our motel (which had a really nice buffet style breakfast), picked up more pop, some Burt's Bees body wash (that I used at our bnb in Boston) and picked up some cheap hard lemonade! Time to cross the border and we were home by 6.

I just want to recount one of those instant (almost) karma moments - and I can't recall if it was this trip or one from a few years before, because my memory is bad...but as we crossed the border, there was a big black Suburban SUV, which I first noticed because it took the wrong exit and was stopped and backing up. About 15-20 min later, it went flying by us (it had NY plates). Now, we generally do about 10kmh over the limit, but he was doing at least 20kmh over. He had kids bikes on the vehicle too! So anyways - about 20-30 min down the road, he was pulled over on the side of the highway by a 'ghost' car (unmarked RCMP) and I'm assuming getting a substantial ticket. I cheered those cops on like nothing. So much for buddy being in a hurry!

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Freedom Trail - finally!

May 27, 2016

After how many trips to Boston (4? 5?) we finally did the whole Freedom trail. We started our day at the commons then over to Public Gardens, then we walked the Freedom Trail all the way to Bunker Hill. One interesting thing they had was machines that dispensed sunscreen! The day was a little cooler, and it was an interesting walk.

We missed lunch, which was lucky for Cheesecake Factory...we didn't mind spending so much since we skipped lunch and I had a great piece of banana cream cheesecake! We then headed for Little Italy and went to Bova's Bakery and got some goodies, then back to Quincy Market to poke around some more.

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Syracuse to Boston

May 26, 2016

Most of today was a travel day as we drove from Syracuse to Boston. It was extremely hot (yes, the end of May and the car read 32C). Even having the sunroof open and windows down wasn't helping. It was too darn hot.

We arrived around 4pm, found our airbnb then took the T into the city, going to Quincy Market, popping into the shops and having supper at The Black Rose, where we've eaten a few other times.

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Casa Loma and More

May 24, 2016

Today we visited Casa Loma and found it quite interesting. Lots of gorgeous rooms, beautiful stained glass ceiling, lovely grounds. Had a nice lunch there.

We then headed downtown and did some shopping at Lee Valley and went to the St Lawrence Market, which was def more my vibe. I got some lovely desserts there.

We hung around until dark and watched the colours on the CN Tower change.

When we were heading back to our room, we just missed the bus and were told it would be almost a 30 min wait for the next one, so we ended up walking back to our room - getting passed by the bus about 20 min along.

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CN Tower and Aquarium

May 23, 2016

Today was a busy day. We first went over to see the Flatiron building and did a little shopping.

Next was St James Cathedral which was quite lovely.

We then headed to Bay Street and popped into the CBC, but the museum was closed.

Next was Ripley's Aquarium, where we spent a few hours - always interesting to visit.

The CN Tower was next. I wish I could find my photos from our visit in 2001 and compare the skyline - I'm sure I'd see a big difference. I love walking on the glass floor, but I don't think you'd catch me doing the edge walk.

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